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Attorneys who deal with clients complaining of brain problems may be reluctant to hire an expert for an evaluation because of the cost, often between $4000 and $6000 are performed only to discover at the end of an eight-hour evaluation that results point to suboptimal performance. Suboptimal performance is a finding that may be interpreted as malingering, particularly when clients are seeking a monetary reward.  When suboptimal performance is detected, the evaluation is unusable and the report never gets written.  The Brain Clinic's solution is to provide a two-hour screening evaluation that can detect suboptimal performance and the presence or absence or a brain injury with a high degree of certainty. 

Our method of assessment has an 85% chance of stating that a neuropsychological evaluation would be worthwhile. This assessment includes two measures that are excellent at determining brain dysfunction; a measure of effort/motivation will be given, as well as a personality inventory.

The Brain Clinic receives referrals from individuals involved in personal injury litigation, those pursing long-term disability awards, and individuals who are defendants in personal injury proceedings.  Part of the role of a neuropsychologist is to determine whether cognitive deficits are legitimate or if the client is exaggerating or has fabricated deficits. 

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